Is Learning Style a Myth?

There are few psychological studies supporting the statement that “we will perform better when the teachers’ teaching style is tailored to students’ learning style”.

Many believe that when we will learn better when the instruction we receive is tailored to our preferred way of learning. But is this really the case? See following for the unauthorized article forwarded from WIRED. It should help explain some misunderstandings around the dubious Learning Style which is very popular around the world. Continue reading “Is Learning Style a Myth?”

Reflections On My Visit to the UK

Things I did and got in the UK

It has been eight days since I left the UK, a place where I will always miss and want to go back to. Honestly, now I am missing almost everything there, the historic and clean streets, the sacred cathedral or church, the people always with smile, the safe food (though the typical English cuisine is not so tasty) and the perfectly preserved environment etc.., needless to say, really hope I can be back very soon.  Continue reading “Reflections On My Visit to the UK”

Things learned in a mandarin class

Reflections on today’s mandarin session

It’s been an extremely long time since I last posted. During the period, I worked for my GRE test which has been taken on January 12 in Manchester, and to be honest, I am not totally satisfied with my performance. Anyway, life has to be continued and you can never immerse yourself in the things that have taken place. Continue reading “Things learned in a mandarin class”

Reflections on my two-month life in the UK

Reflections on my two-month life in the UK

It has been almost two months since I arrived in this country, how time flies! Here is the first post I wrote the night I got here. Another four months to go before I get back to China. Honestly, I hope I can stay here longer and do not want to go back to my country so quickly.  Continue reading “Reflections on my two-month life in the UK”

Presentations in Simon’s Session

On some presentations in Simon’s session

Grace just gave a very wonderful and informative presentation about her research, which is about game-based learning. She even developed a Flash gaming software which has a gorgeous interface. Honestly, her research resembles many studies done in my major, especially the ones conducted by those students in the two-year program. Simon mentioned another term called “gamification”, which is slightly different from “game-baed learning”. Continue reading “Presentations in Simon’s Session”